The Untamed Lion


 It was a silent night.  Actually, it had been many silent nights of deafening silence.  God’s people, the Israelites, were under an incredible amount of oppression from the ruling Government and King.  I imagine many prayers went something like this, “How long, oh, Lord? How long will we wait for your deliverance as in the days of Moses?”  In the midst of the silence and oppression were the people of God filled with longing, expectation, and hope.

The promise of a King was on the horizon.

An Angel of the Lord appeared to Mary, a very poor and devout Jewish girl, and promised that she would bear God’s Son.  Imagine the questions that swirled in her mind intertwined with anxiety and joy. 

“Me? Bear the Son of God?”

When she lay awake at night feeling tiny kicks in her tummy, did she know she would give birth to the one who would bring deliverance to God’s people?

And somehow this son of God would also be fully human. Jesus would laugh, cry, and be angry.  He would live among the poor, love on the sick and sinner, ride a donkey, fish on a boat, and forgive the sinners.  Did she know that she would witness the cross, the grave, and the resurrection?

This is the story of Christmas: God became flesh, lived an earthly life, emptied himself of power, submitted his life to death on a cross, and three days later was raised from the dead.

He is alive.  He is at work.  He is King.  He is Emmanuel, which means “God with us.”

Lately I’ve seen a lot of Facebook posts scroll through my newsfeed saying something like this, “God has been kicked out of our schools.  Let’s bring back God.”

What?  We kicked out God?  We’ve accomplished what no other king, kingdom, war, or power has been able to do?  It’s our responsibility to bring God back? Wow.  Have we forgotten what really happened on the first Christmas?

Our God is an untamed LION, nothing can keep him awayNo law, no institution, no legislation, no school, no senator, no human, can hold back our King. 

He is in our schools.  It is so arrogant to think that legislation from the top down can “usher out the presence of God.”  It is crazy to think that we can somehow “usher God back into our schools.  We forget that the incarnation happened during a time King Herod wanted to be the only King and wanted no part of another King taking over.  We forget that Our King was put to death on a cross because the Government wanted him gone.

 Not even death on a cross could keep him away.

 Three days later he rose from the grave and ascended to HIS THRONE.  Jesus is King.

We forget that the early church thrived under intense religious persecution.  Thousands of Christians laid down their lives under rulers such as Domitian and Nero.  Not even this could keep God away.  In fact, I believe the lack of Christian persecution in our country has caused many of us to be lazy and weak in our faith.

Let us not be so naïve to think that our puny actions lock the Lion of Judah into a cage.

He cannot and will not be tamed.

Stay tuned for part 2.


About tarabethleach

Live, breathe, learn, and proclaim the most epic Story of all...God's Story I married the love of my life on July 8, 2006. Together we are raising the two most beautiful boys on the planet, Caleb (2) and Noah (1). I am a student at Northern Theological Seminary in Lombard, Illinois and hope to graduate in 2014. I've loved every single moment at that school. Some of the greatest teachers in the world teach there. I serve at Good Shepherd Church in Naperville, Illinois. I've been there for 5 years now and have the greatest job on the planet. I serve on the Worship Teaching and Preaching Team and Student ministries. I get to teach, preach, and love on the people at Good Shepherd. Seriously, I get paid to do this. I love God and it's really difficult for me to hide it. Sometimes I gush. You've been warned.

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  1. The more accurate picture is that American civic religion, generic prayer and coerced spirituality have been excised from the educational realm of the public square. I believe you are right In your analysis. The false patina of “Christendom” is the only thing that has been removed from any sphere. Sooner rather than later it will become increasingly apparent that living under the Lordship of Christ will require something of our children in public schools. No longer able to claim vicarious commitment to Christ by virtue of 30 seconds of forced silence called “prayer” will require true followers to live their faith. Amen…bring it. Apostolic followership will increasingly require an aquaintence with strenuous, missional Christianity…even in, perhaps especially in the schools.

    The untamed Lion indeed…let him loose in the hearts, minds, souls of students everywhere in these United States…forget about official, approved, anemic and civic American religion. The Spirit is on the move!

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